mpm - Materiali Protettivi Milano - s.r.l. - is an Italian company founded in 1955 which produces building materials and has a history of success and avant-garde technological solutions in resin flooring and seamless waterproofing.

Over its 60 year history, mpm has supplied, and continues to supply, solutions for major projects in the 5 continents, such as bridges, dams, sport stadiums and high-rise buildings, demonstrating its unique ability to satisfy important and demanding customers.

Our distinguishing feature are:

  • Innovation
  • Research & Development
  • Quality of the products and services offered (exclusive certifications, technologies and guarantees)
  • Professionalism
  • Training and services to support professional specialists
  • Attention to the customer and its employees

Customer satisfaction and a responsible approach to the people we work for are two key points, on the basis of which we make technologically advanced products and systems with very high performance levels.

mpm is also careful to the environment. For this reason, we adopt ecologically sustainable solutions involving the use of recycled materials, which are at the same time of absolute value and innovation.