mpm – Protective Materials Milan – s.r.l. is an Italian company born in 1955, which produces building materials and boasts a history of success and cutting-edge technological solutions in the sectors of resin flooring and continuous waterproofing.

During these 60 years of activity, it has provided and still provides solutions for the construction of major works in 5 continents such as bridges, dams, stadiums and skyscrapers, demonstrating its unique ability to always satisfy important and demanding customers.

Customer satisfaction and responsibility towards people are two key points that translate into technologically advanced products and systems with extremely high performance.
mpm s.r.l. it also pays attention to the environment, which is why it adopts environmentally sustainable solutions that involve the use of recycled materials but which are, at the same time, of absolute value and innovation.

mpm works all over the world in close contact with local needs and aims to provide tailored responses to the specific requests of each individual context.

The key to the success of mpm mondo is a capillary supply chain, which allows us to supply the customer with the most suitable product within a wide range of solutions, in the desired color and in a short time, also allowing to reduce the physical stock to a minimum and guarantee reliability and quality.

La chiave del successo di mpm mondo è una supply chain capillare, che consente di fornire al cliente il prodotto più adatto all’interno di un ampio range di soluzioni, nel colore desiderato e in tempi rapidi, consentendo inoltre di abbattere lo stock fisico al minimo e garantire affidabilità e qualità.

It has always been characterized by:

– Quality and development
– Certified systems
– Assistance
– Training

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