Resin flooring for the special industry
pavimentazioni industria chimica

Flooring of chemical and pharmaceutical industries is subjected to numerous stresses, such as material movements, intense pedestrian and rubberized traffic and sometimes the presence of aggressive chemicals.
Implementing solutions capable of guaranteeing high standards of quality, resistance and safety is one of the objectives of mpm that offers, depending on the field of use, innovative, certified and highly technological systems.

The resin coatings produced and supplied by mpm can be applied to newly constructed concrete substrates or to existing industrial floor which is also particularly worn and deteriorated, thus obtaining robust and durable substrates, reducing construction times and costs.


In the world of chemical and pharmaceutical industry, whatever it may be, the main requirements for flooring are functionality and resistance.

The goal of mpm is to design resin coatings that preserve the integrity and stability of the conditions so that the production cycle, from the raw material to the final product, is carried out in compliance with the standards and meets specific requirements.


Characteristics of resin floors for the special industry

– Resistance to traffic and wear
– Resistance to heavy loads
– Resistance to chemical agents
– Slip resistance
– Durability


mpm offers numerous resin solutions that meet all the needs of the chemical and pharmaceutical sector, guaranteeing specific systems for each area of the plant, specifically designed for the type of use.

For the production areas where there is the presence of pedestrian and rubberized traffic, even high, mpm has created solutions characterized by a high resistance to wear and to impacts, easy to clean and quickly applicable even on deteriorated supports.To guarantee adequate hygiene standards, mpm offers a range of different solutions for making perimeter shells, which are essential for the correct floor-to-wall connection without dirt accumulation.

Another problem that the floor of the chemical-pharmaceutical industries has to overcome consists in the pouring of corrosive and aggressive chemical agents that could cause damage to the surface. It is therefore necessary to use certified solutions which have an adequate chemical resistance and a bacteriostatic system, thus being able to guarantee a high cleanliness and durability of the resin coating.

For the ESD and ATEX zones, with the presence of electronic equipment or explosive substances, mpm can provide certified antistatic conductive coatings and certificates for reaction to fire, complying with the specific safety regulations in force.

In areas of movement and logistics, such as warehouses, the high traffic of trolleys and forklifts and the dragging of pallets leads to increasingly greater stresses on industrial floors. The mpm resin coatings are designed to provide excellent resistance to abrasion and to pedestrian and wheeled traffic, thus increasing the useful life of the pavement.

For safety‘s sake, the mpm resin solutions allow visually signaling the work and transit areas, as well as providing surfaces of different roughness based on the specific anti-slip requirements required. The mpm coatings can guarantee the correct resistance to slipperiness even in the presence of liquids and water on the ground. To offer complete services and solutions for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, mpm can also supply certified coatings for tanks, silos or tank lining that can contain liquids and chemicals.

With more than 60 years of experience, the range of mpm solutions for the chemical-pharmaceutical industry consists of ad hoc solutions for all the different environments: areas of sterile production, areas of logistics and storage of raw materials, research laboratories and development, chemical laboratories, analysis laboratories, ATEX and ESD zones, areas with tanks for fire-fighting and wastewater.

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