Special detergent for resin floors
detergente pavimentazioni industriali

Cleaning and maintenance of resin coatings is essential to ensure the correct hygiene of the environment in which they are located, whether it is an industry or a home.

Over the years mpm has developed the special STARCLEANER detergent specific for washing and cleaning resin floors.

Starcleaner is a special concentrated detergent, dilutable in water, specific for industrial and civil resin coatings, with a high degreasing power.

Product features

– High efficiency on dirty with oil and grease floors
– Specific for resin coatings
– Easy to use
– No need to rinse

Industrial floors are subject to different stresses, contamination and traffic.

Industries differ in terms of safety requirements and hygiene standards.
Even within a particular branch of industry there are a different number of applications that require different cleaning methods.

The intended use and size of an area have a decisive influence on the requirements and consequent criteria and methods of cleaning and maintenance.

Features to consider for a correct cleaning of floors are:
– Traffic to which the work area is subject
– Production and / or use of chemicals
– Age of flooring
– Top coat and thickness of the installed floor
– Flooring exposure levels; dynamic and mechanical, temperatures, other specifications
– Use requirements

The choice of cleaning method depends mainly on the nature of the contamination. Essentially, all neutral or slightly alkaline detergents are suitable regardless of whether they are based on sodium or potassium hydroxide.

For guaranteed results, mpm recommends the exclusive use of Starcleaner detergent, specific for resin floors and coatings, especially in environments where HACCP specifications are required, such as the food and pharmaceutical industries.

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