Together with its Partner companies, mpm is alongside the Italian industries from the study of problems relating to flooring and waterproofing, up to certified laying and program maintenance, thus offering complete support and a 360-degree service, unique in the protective coating sector resin.

In its 60 years of experience, mpm has developed a range of special solutions for the coating and protection of industrial floors, roofs, roofs and industrial plants such as tanks, tanks and silos.

The goal of mpm is to provide innovative systems that can solve the problems of sealing and wear of the structure, through continuous resistant, waterproof and guaranteed coatings.

Thanks to a capillary network of technicians and applicator partners, mpm is able to intervene promptly even in case of urgent interventions.

Grazie a una rete capillare di tecnici e partner applicatori, mpm è in grado di intervenire prontamente anche in caso di interventi urgenti.


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