Seamless waterproofing for all types of substrate
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The problems of car parks are specific because they are exposed structures and are therefore vulnerable to attack from water, chemicals, chlorides and UV radiation. In addition vehicles bring in de-icing salts and exhaust fumes that can further accelerate the deterioration process.

Mpm offers certified and highly technological systems able to enhance the life expectancy and provide a tough, elastomeric and seamless finish. Quality, resistance and safety are the main objectives of mpm.

The solutions produced and supplied by mpm can be applied on newly constructed concrete substrates or on existing structures that is also particularly worn and deteriorated, thus obtaining robust and durable substrates, containing time and costs.


In this specific application field “car parks”, whether internal or external, the main requirement is the functionality and resistance to heavy wheeled traffic.
The goals of mpm are solutions that preserve the integrity and stability of the conditions so that their use is carried out in compliance with the standards and meets specific needs.

Benefits of waterproofing systems for car parks

– Durable, effective protection
– Resistant to fire, petrol, diesel
– Elastomeric, resistant to UV damage and exhibits excellent colour stability
– Slip resistance
– Resistance to atmospheric agents


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