kit riparazione pavimentazioni industriali

DUROGLASS FLOORKIT is a floor repair kit, practical and fast, designed and conceived for “Do-It-Yourself” restoration of industrial flooring.

This special maintenance product consists of a high-strength, rapid and economical resin mortar.

The low VOC content makes this kit completely non-toxic, and therefore usable in environments where other operators are present.

Also applicable in environments subject to high vehicular traffic, it allows to achieve a safe repair of flooring in reduced times and costs.

Fields of use:
– Restoration of deteriorated joints
– Rapid and long-lasting restoration in the presence of cracks and detachments in industrial floors

Product features

– High resistance, fast and economic mortar
– Non-toxic VOC “0”
– Safe flooring saves cart
– Simple DIY application
– Long lasting


In order to apply the product, it will be necessary to carry out the following activities:
– Preparation of substrates by demolition and staking friable and detached parts
– Delimitation of the areas where to apply the product (squaring).
– Dry cleaning and removal of processing dust
– Preparation and mixing of the product
– Application of the DUROGLASS FLOORKIT product for volumetric reconstruction
– Smoothing and uniforming the applied layer

Floorkit mpm system has been developed to meet the typical needs of the industry, thanks to its ease of use, it allows for quick repairs of the flooring in the presence of cracks, volumetric deficiencies, broken joints and chips.
Its application finds space within every type of industry: mechanics, manufacturing, chemistry, pharmaceutical, food, logistics, automotive, packaging, metallurgical plastic, but also in the civil field.

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