Kit for horizontal safety signs
segnaletica orizzontale pavimentazioni industriali

Starflex Signal is the definitive mpm solution for the construction and renovation of road markings, in accordance with Legislative Decree 81/2008 which provides that vehicle transit routes must be well marked with continuous strips.

For the benefit of safety, the mpm resin solutions allow you to visually report the work and transit areas based on the specific needs required. The main requirement of a good safety sign is that of functionality and resistance, for this mpm provides systems with high resistance to abrasion and long-lasting. Solutions of this type are particularly suitable in industrial environments where there is the presence of wheeled and pedestrian traffic.

Starflex Signal makes it possible to quickly create production layouts with signs on the ground in order to comply with the legislation on safety at work, indicating escape routes, danger areas, work areas and transit areas for vehicles and pedestrians. This mpm solution also makes it possible to provide operational indications that facilitate the handling of loads, increasing the productivity of the process, a very important advantage for companies that carry out these activities in a massive way, such as logistics or large-scale distribution.

Product features

– Application speed
– Wear resistance
– Durability
– Choice of colors – RAL colors
– Compliance with European legislation

Starflex Signal can be used for do-it-yourself maintenance of the production layout within an industry. The use of this mpm solution requires first of all the preparation of the laying substrates by cleaning and dust removal, then it will be applied in a single coat in the chosen color.

Preparation of installation plans:
– Roughening of existing substrates.
– Subsequent cleaning and aspiration of dust residues.
After this treatment the substrate will be clean and free from any pollutant that could compromise the adhesion of the resinous system.
– Delimitation of the areas to be treated by taping.

Application cycle:
1. Roller application of a specific resinous primer, based on the type of sbstrate (concrete, tiles, etc.)
2. Roller application of special colored STARFLEX SIGNAL resin, with high covering power and rapid hardening.
RAL coloration chosen.
Starflex Signal finds space within every type of industry where maintenance of safety signs is necessary: mechanical, manufacturing, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, logistics, automotive, packaging, metallurgical plastic, but also in the field of parking and civil.

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