Protective coatings for all types of substrate
rivestimenti interni silos

The correct anticorrosive and antacid protection of iron or concrete silos is fundamental to guarantee the tightness of the coating and the resistance to wear over time.

For the renovation of internal and external protection of industrial silos, mpm has developed liquid systems which, once applied, form a continuous horizontal and vertical coating, without joints and discontinuity points that can adapt to different geometries. The mpm solutions for painting and waterproofing the silos allow the correct and effective protection of the liquid and solid substances contained inside.

The use of a liquid mpm system, based on epoxy resins, polyurethanes or polyurea, makes it possible to respect the geometries present by applying the new continuous coating on the sound part of the existing structure, without increasing costs and time due to removal and disposals.

Characteristics of protective coatings

– Excellent chemical resistance
– Certificate for food contact
– Excellent mechanical and wear properties
– Atmospheric agents and humidity resistance
– Continuous coating without welding
– Easy application on complex flaps and geometries

The use of liquid mpm systems, for the internal and external treatment of silos, allows to obtain a continuous substrate able to preserve its degree of tightness and toughness and, therefore, to guarantee a longer life.

The mpm solutions allow to coat and restore: iron silos, fiberglass silos, silos for food substances, industrial silos, vertical silos, silos for powdery and granular products.

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