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MPM – Materiali Protettivi Milano – s.r.l. is an Italian company founded in 1955, producing materials for construction. It boasts a history of success and cutting-edge technological solutions in the fields of resin flooring and continuous waterproofing. Over the course of its 60 years of activity, it has provided and continues to provide solutions for the construction of major works on five continents, such as bridges, dams, stadiums, and skyscrapers, demonstrating its unique ability to always meet the demands of important and exacting clients. Customer satisfaction and responsibility towards people are two key points that translate into technologically advanced products and systems with very high performance.

MPM s.r.l. also pays attention to the environment, adopting ecologically sustainable solutions that involve the use of recycled materials while maintaining absolute value and innovation. MPM operates worldwide, closely working with local needs and aiming to provide tailored responses to the specific requirements of each context. The key to MPM’s global success is a widespread supply chain, enabling it to provide the most suitable product to the customer within a wide range of solutions, in the desired color, and in a timely manner. This also allows for minimizing physical stock and guaranteeing reliability and quality.

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