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Data Sheets

Materiali Protettivi Milano
MPM is synonymous with excellence and innovation in protective solutions for the construction industry.
With a deep and illustrious history spanning over 65 years, MPM has distinguished itself in the research, development, and formulation of cutting-edge solutions that protect construction projects, both in the civil and private sectors.


Duroglass Crete FM

Duroglass Crete HT

Duroglass Crete LT

Duroglass Crete MT

Duroglass Crete TOP

Duroglass FF4416

Duroglass FU Rapid

Duroglass P

Duroglass P1/2

Duroglass P2 Primer

Duroglass P5/1

Duroglass P5/4

Duroglass P5/5

Duroglass P6/1

Duroglass PW

Duroglass PW Top

Duroglass R 16

Elastostar P

Polistar P 867

Polistar P 867 W

Polistar P 8670 W

Starcement 5/A

Starflex T Binder

Duroglass FF 4416

Duroglass FU Rapid

Duroglass P2 Primer

Elastostar T/1

Polistar E

Polistar E/P

Primer 0130

Primer 0230 R

Starcement 5/A

Starflex Black

Starflex C

Starflex HR

Starflex HR-E

Starflex HR-M

Starflex HR-S

Starflex Mono 100

Starflex Mono 100 Nero

Starflex Mono Top

Starflex Mono Top S

Starflex Ultra

Startex FC

Startex NW

Duroglass FF 4416

Duroglass SUB

Polistar E

Starcement 385

Starmastic P95

MIXER SRL – mpm division
Via Adda 15, 20090 Opera (MI) – Italy
Ph. +39 02 57609116 – +39 02 57601225
Fax +39 02 57603410
REA: MI – 1797438 – VAT N.: 09351720157
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