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Protective Coatings

Extreme resistance,
total protection.

Protective Coating Systems
MPM offers innovative solutions for surface preparation and repair in specialised industrial sectors, providing coatings dedicated to anti-corrosion protection, antistatic properties, and resistance against atmospheric agents, gases, liquids, and solids, with food certification.



Protective Coating Systems
MPM provides consulting and certified products for anti-corrosive, antistatic, and weather protection treatments, ideal for specialized sectors such as civil, food, and medical industries. With over 65 years of industry leadership, MPM continues to be a benchmark in innovation for special protective coatings. Our customized and advanced solutions reflect the complexity of industrial and civil challenges. Technical and commercial expertise, based on research and collaboration, shines through in the impeccable support provided to partners and industry professionals. To meet the specific needs of the industry, MPM is dedicated to developing epoxy and liquid polyurethane solutions. The MPM protective range represents a dynamic solution for the protection of industrial environments, with particular attention to resistance to moisture, leaks, and corrosion. Liquid membrane technology offers flexible application, ensuring secure sealing against water infiltrations and providing reliable solutions against moisture, leaks, and corrosion.


Industrial Sector

Spillway Tanks

Wastewater Tanks



Food Contact

Firewater Tanks

Civil Sector

Collection Tanks

Sewage Treatment Plants


Underwater Structures


Stamped Floors


Civil sector


Industrial sector

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